Arknights Noodle Stopper SilverAsh 19 cm

Arknights Noodle Stopper SilverAsh 19 cm

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Arknights Noodle Stopper prize-figure SilverAsh 19 cm. Figuuri on istuvassa asennossa ja sen voi asetella esimerkiksi hyllyn reunalle.
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Arknights Noodle Stopper prize figure SilverAsh, 19 cm. The figure is in a seated position and can be placed, for example, on the edge of a shelf. The figure is static and not poseable.

Height: Approximately 9 cm for the seated portion, total length including the leg is about 19 cm. 
Weight: Approximately 284 g.

This product is a collectible figurine and is not suitable for play.

Please be aware that the product's coloring and pose may differ slightly from the reference images. The reference images were taken by professionals under optimal lighting conditions.

At times, some parts of prize figures (such as hair) may be tight to fit into place; in such cases, we recommend warming the parts under warm water. If the part still refuses to fit, it is likely due to a clump formed by excess plastic or paint spillage. This is common in prize figures. You can gently carve the clump to make it smaller. Seek assistance from adults when using sharp tools.

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